CHP Fact Sheet

Coldwater Heritage Partnership Fact Sheet- The fact sheet provides information on the program that can be given out to interested organizations.

Water Quality

The Effects of Special Protection Designation (Campaign for Clean Water) - To provide sufficient protection for Pennsylvania waters, two special protection aquatic life designated uses have been established:  High Quality (HQ) and Exceptional Value (EV). Waters with HQ or EV designated uses are among the cleanest and most outstanding waters in all of Pennsylvania , and support excellent diversity and populations of aquatic life. Such a waterway is an asset to your community, and there are special protections in place to ensure that its water quality is protected and maintained. 

So what does a HQ or EV designation mean for your community? It requires that new or expanded activities do not degrade existing water quality. It does not mean development will stop, or that permits for most projects cannot be obtained. It does mean that projects like building a new commercial or residential development, a new or expanded concentrated animal feeding operation (CAFO), a new or expanded sewage treatment plant, or a new road will undergo more rigorous permit review by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) and, in some cases, must meet more stringent requirements to protect water quality.

Pennsylvania Water Quality Assessments and Standards (DEP)- provides information on water quality standards, assessment methodology, stream redesignation, lake assessment information, stream assessment, and macroinvertebrate stream protocol.

Penn Future's Stream Designation Handbook -Citizens can play a critical role in improving the protections placed on their stream. A process exists in Pennsylvania whereby citizens may petition for redesignation of a stream or stream segment to HQ or EV status. It is a lengthy, complex process, often taking years before a redesignation request comes to fruition. However, the special protections afforded your stream by HQ or EV status are well worth the effort.  This Handbook will help you through the process, by providing valuable information and detailed step-by-step guidance on how to petition for HQ or EV redesignation.

Pennsylvania's Water Quality Antidegradation Implementation Guidance (DEP) - The basic concept of antidegradation is to promote the maintenance and protection of existing water quality for High Quality (HQ) and Exceptional Value (EV) waters, and protection of existing uses for all surface waters because it recognizes that existing water quality and uses have inherent value worthy of protection and preservation. As a required element of a state’s water quality standards, the Antidegradation Program introduces levels of protection for deserving water bodies above the basic standards.

 Wild Trout Information

PA Fish and Boat Commission's Class A List - List of streams that support a population of naturally produced trout of sufficient size and abundance to support a long-term and rewarding sport fishery. Managed for natural reproduction with no stocking.

PA Fish and Boat Commission's Naturally Reproducing Trout List - List of stream sections that contain some form of natural reproduction.  

Conservation Planning

 Watershed Protection and Restoration- Center for Watershed Protection has many resources available in the areas of protocols and best practices for restoration, developing plans to restore, riparian buffer, nonpoint pollution, and stormwater information. 

Where Rivers Are Born: The Scientific Imperative for Defending Small Streams and Wetlands . Our nation’s network of rivers, lakes and streams originates from a myriad of small streams and wetlands, many so small they do not appear on any map. Yet these headwater streams and wetlands exert critical influences on the character and quality of downstream waters. This paper summarizes the scientific basis for understanding that the health and productivity of rivers and lakes depends upon intact small streams and wetlands.  Paper sponsored by American Rivers and the Sierra Club. 


Updated Catalog of Federal Funding for Watershed Protection-   This web site provides information on Federal funding sources that may be available to help fund various watershed-related projects.  To view the Web site, visit