Grant Applications & Guidelines

Coldwater Conservation Planning Grants

Coldwater Conservation Plans are useful in building local awareness and support for the long-term stewardship of coldwater streams and their surrounding watersheds. The objective of these plans if to identify potential problems and opportunities for stream conservation. They often lead to more detailed watershed studies or projects, ultimately improving the health of coldwater ecosystems.

Grants of approximately $5,000 are awarded for the creation of a Coldwater Conservation Plan that will ultimately conserve and protect the coldwater streams of Pennsylvania. This grant provides funding to:

  • Gather existing data about the coldwater ecosystem;
  • Identify potential impacts, threats, problems and opportunities to the coldwater streams;
  • Formulate a plan of action for proposed conservation and protection strategies; and
  • Build community awareness and support for the conservation of our coldwater streams. 

2018 Planning Grant Application in Word
     2018 Planning Grant Application as a pdf

Coldwater Conservation Implementation Grants

 Implementation grants should be projects identified in completed Coldwater Conservation, Watershed or Rivers Conservation Plans. Potential projects must enhance, conserve or protect the coldwater stream in which a coldwater conservation plan was originally completed. Other plans and reports created through another program or organization may be used as eligible documents for applying for an Implementation grant.

Grants​ up to $8,000 may be used to pay for equipment, materials, meeting expenditures, construction activities and other services to implement recommendations.

Implementation Grant Application in Word
Implementation Grant as a pdf

Before You Apply

  • Here are examples of maps that should be included with your application. Multiple black and white copies of the application are made for the review committee and  some items may not copy over properly. To ensure maps can be reviewed by the committee please use one of the formats provided as examples. Click here for examples of maps. 
  • Perspective applicants must contact the Coldwater Heritage Partnership office to ensure your proposed project meets the requirements of the program.